What is Google Assistant?
Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google. It is a cloud-based voice service allowing you to enjoy a number of functions such as controlling your FIBARO Home Center or home multimedia system.

What is Google Home?
Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. You can use voice commands to play music, get answers from Google and manage everyday tasks such as control your FIBARO Home System.

What to say to activate FIBARO in Google Assistant?
You can say for example: “Ok Google/Hey Google, turn on the light.”
Or you can find FIBARO on the list of actions in the Google Home or Google Assistant app.

Do I have to use “Tell FIBARO…” phrase to control FIBARO System?
No, just say “Ok Google/Hey Google” then tell home control command.
Google Assistant cannot understand the name of a device. What can I do?
There are some device names that we don’t recommend. Using them increase the chances of misinterpreting your speech. Don’t use words such as “scene, light, list, turn, switch etc.” as a device name. It is also not recommended to use the same word in various names (like “kitchen” as a room and “kitchen lights” as a device).

Can I use more than one Google Home device to control one FIBARO System?
Yes. Moreover, you can use those devices together with the Google Assistant app on your mobile devices (as long as you are connected to the same Google Account).

Which FIBARO gateways work with Google Assistant?
Home Center 3, Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite.
Some of my devices were not discovered. What can I do?
There are few things you can try:
  • Make sure the device type is supported.
  • Make sure you have used FIBARO ID account that has ownership over Home Center.
  • Open home.fibaro.com and check in Home Center details that the Integrations are set to Active.
  • Update your Home Center.
  • Unlink and link the FIBARO ID account again.

If none of the above helped, contact our technical support.

Commands to control lights do not work for one of my devices. What can I do?
In Home Center 3 configuration interface:
1. Open device general configuration.
2. In “Role” field select “Light”, “Wall lamp”, “Garden lamp” or “Bedside lamp”.
3. Save configuration.

In Home Center 2/Lite configuration interface:
1. Open device configuration (wrench icon).
2. Select the “Advanced” tab.
3. In “Controlled Device” field select “Wall lamp”, “Garden lamp”, “Lighting” or “Bedside lamp”.
4. Save configuration.

Can I use linked commands e.g. Turn off the lights and roll set the heating on 25°?

This option is not available at the time. Use separated commands to successfully perform the action.

Can I control more than one FIBARO System using one Google Assistant device?

Not at the same time, you can select which Home Center to use in the integration:
1. Go to home.fibaro.com.
2. Login w FIBARO ID account.
3. Expand gateway you want to use.
4. Click Activate next to Integrations.

I have made some changes on the Home Center, how can I update the integration?

Open Google Home app and pull down the screen to refresh.